Sick is BACK!

 Once again, I cant feel my leg and I am sick. Im happy and yet tired with the sickness I’ve been holding on to fight back. I was hoping when am I gonna get heal up but never mind about that.  I found this really cute pictures while I was on Tumblr last night and didn’t get […]

The best day at my former school!!

Hi peeps~ Yesterday I went with my mum to my former school! The great event is held there! School sports day! ( Which I didnt get most of the pics ). Gomen. I promise I’ll work harder to get an AMAZING photo someday! Teacher are cooking . . .XD My best friend, Lin. She participate in […]


As you guys can see, I have made a lil changes because of some reason. I was shock to see some of the picture went missing. I will try recover that as soon as possible but right now its not the good timing. Bye! Just a quick update