Bookmark Of Demise Project! UPDATE

 Hey guys! I have been missing for a long time and decided to update. What makes me want to update its because of the new song I just receive from a friend of mine. You know what it is? It’s COMMON HEROES from BOOKMARK OF DEMISE PROJECT! The song goes according in order: 1. Hide and […]

1st day of the school holiday!

( I just recently finish listening to this song which is really catchy! It is called Mr Music – Vocaloid ) So the day had come and it’s finally SCHOOL HOLIDAY! Just for 2 weeks . . . . That’s fine by me! I’m gonna do a schedule so I could upload everyday with an interesting […]


   TADA! CHIBI MIKU-SAN!!! Hello everyone! Just got back from school and already ate lunch . . . not really. Up here is an awesome drawer who drew this short series for Vocaloid. It is called ‘ Chibi Miku-san’ karya by Minami! Just wanted to post this drawing of his. Lil Miku with lil Teto […]