HELLLLO!! I’m JUST SOO EXCITED about Tales of Xillia 2! Surfing through Tumblr and found they’re selling one of the clothes and the design its just WOW!

Just awesome if its in HD!




Look at this! FOUND IT ON TUMBLR! Thanks to Miss Simplicity and Kokonose for the scan and translation!

Next week my exam will be like HELL!

Always comparing myself to other people and said I did my best. And check beside me get the highest . . . IM SOO SAD!

K-Project Morning (LATE) Interview!

Really? HE LOOK SOO ALIKE! Izumo Kusanagi look the same as SHIZUO!! XD

Good morning everyone ( whoever is around my region) ! Today I’m going to introduce to some of the character from K-Project. First up is the main protagonist, Yashiro Isana.

Not bad for the main protagonist. He’s 17 years old kid who is really confused after seeing a video that was published around Japan (whoever watch the first episode, you know what I mean. I don’t want to explain much~ ) . He is wanted by the Homura clan, lead by Mikoto Suoh. He is always companied by Neko and along with  Kuroh.

Neko in cats form!

Two of my favourite characters from the story. The top one is Izumo Kusanagi and HE LOOK ALMOST LIKE SHIZOU!! Oh yeah, some of the character is the same seiyuu from Durarara!! Yata Misaki is my first favourite! Badass kid eventually I like his skateboard better! Commander from the Homura group.

Here we have is the King of the Red clan, Homura. around 24 and not bad for a leader like him. Not like the SCEPTER 4? Yeah, I don’t like those 4-eyes group. 

Anna is soo adorable for a lolita girl in the Homura group!! SHE SOO CUTE!

Don’t like this group much . . .The clothes are neat and cool but .  .I just don’t like the lightning clan. THE FIRE IS WICKED THAN THIS SCEPTERTHINGY!

The Bad start!

Worst start for an exam! 

Yo minna-san! I was trolling around as usual in zerochan. Its been a long time since I didn’t update and mangaka! Today I have found Makishimu karya. Her artwork is really beautiful and colorful!( Use this adorable picture as my twitter avatar! )

heres the link to the pixiv account:

Big EXAM, My Exam, Fall Anime 2012!


Just finish watching Samurai Champloo and Arcana Famiglia. Arcana Famiglia is a great story to watch, kinda disappointed for the least episode there but I’m happy with it!


Ask my friend, Lin, if shes watching any show that could light up my spirit and she suggest I should watch ‘K’. K project ( as what I see from its PV ) its a supernatural story? Great music and scenery, the battle style is awesome and Im going to watch the first episode! It was release . . this month of October?? 4th October I guess.

Give your support in this ANIME!! WOOT!

The Girl, The eyes, The Download~

y . . Yo!

 I can’t type really properly, tired and try to make my lil bro sleep~ I just realize there’s not much anime to watch since ( No offence ) they upgrade with girls with dazzling eyes and different kind of hair colour and it hurt my eyes. So checking some old anime I didn’t get to watch. Currently, I’m on Trigun now! Just love this anime. It has guns, scientific world and what-so-ever! 


Im gonna watch Trigun movie that was release . . . 3 years ago! XD


Not much of an update~ Chow!

The tired me and all the boring stuff I wanna post!

Hey ya guys! How ya day? Mine doing great with the grand opening feast and all! XD 

So a friend of mine ask me, if  I have any new anime show I am watching recently. Well, Im can only watch two at the time but I’ll list down for the upcoming anime I will watch. I am recently watching Hyouka and Naruto Shippuden! Oh yeah, Black Rock Shooter: The Anime was really awesome but was kind of short the story. If only they turn Tales of Xillia into an anime . . . . WOOOOAAAHHHH!! That would be some wickedly COOL!!! *screammmssss!*

Once again, Kuromichi drew this illustration from TOX2.

If only I knew a bit of Japanese . . .But the drawing is still cute and adorable! She ( I think ) uses watercolor. Yes, I know, I already told ya guys that. One more thing I wanna post is this:

Found this on Tumblr. Pewdiepie dancing the ‘Oppa Gangnam style’. LOL!

That’s all for today! Got school tomorrow!

( Poor Kano!! )

Hyouka! Hyouka! Hyouka!!!

HI everyone! Been busy in my life so lets get back on track! Just realize Hyouka got a new episode. Episode 20: Sappy New Year! I stop watching Hyouka . . . .maybe 2 months ago cause it was taking a bit long for the new episode to come out but HEY! At least I can watch it in a row! Putting up some cute gif down here and there~

( kawaii Chitanda-chan! )

( This part was my favourite~ )

( This is from episode 20! Eru-chan look soo adorable in kimono!! )

I got to say that this anime really take my attention on how the story line goes with a mystery to solve like that. Like Sherlock Holmes! I hope this anime keeps on going! Bye! Give ya support for this loveable anime, Hyouka!