The waiting is ON!


I miss you guys soo much! Been busy preparing for this year BIG EXAM! But let’s put that aside first.  Ever since I have been playing those games, it’s turning into an animation that will come out this April 2013. DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 ANIMATION! It’s going to be freaking awesome!! My Tumblr is just filled with Kano Shuuya’s song : The Yobanashi Decieve and The Devil Survivor 2 Animation.

DeSu 2 Artbook

Here’s an artbook of the Devil Survivor 2


The protagonist’s childhood friend: Daichi

Fumi Kanno


Airi Ban

Airi Ban

Jungo torii

Jungo! He’s a chief and he’s 19!?

He is MINE! Look at his face! X3

He is MINE! Look at his face! X3

Hehehe~ Yuzuru Akie or Joe! Mine~



A dude I just hate in the game

And here we are the Devil Survivor 2 Animation character’s sheet:

Joe_characters_sheet Daichi_characters_sheet jungo_characters_sheet Airi_characters_sheet Fumi_characters_sheet tumblr_mi603ztcGI1qbxqfpo1_1280 tumblr_mi438170SB1s1j7xio5_1280

SUZUHITO YASUDA NEVER FAILED MEEHH! Love the animation Durarara!!! and hopefully this one will be greater than it.


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