Q__________Q NOO!


Just watched K epsiode 6 and I was like . .. . . .. .. . .WHY?!! Totsuka was like an awesome person who keep the member of HOMRA TOGETHER!! Need to watch it again. 

I notice at the end of the episode where ( I think Totsuka sings it ) I NOTICE THIS GUY!FUSHIMI BACK IN THE DAYS?! SINCE WHEN DID HE LEFT?! 

Yeah, surprisingly this show is gotta to be one of my best month to watch and it’ll end at the end of November for my prediction. It’s a short anime but THEY MAKE IT SOO GOOD! THANK YOU GoRA and GoHand! Im still kinda sad Totsuka DIED! Q____Q

Mikoto ( eight years ago )



look at them! They’re like a happy family. I wonder how those SCEPTER 4 is like . . . .ergghhhhh~


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