K-Project Morning (LATE) Interview!

Really? HE LOOK SOO ALIKE! Izumo Kusanagi look the same as SHIZUO!! XD

Good morning everyone ( whoever is around my region) ! Today I’m going to introduce to some of the character from K-Project. First up is the main protagonist, Yashiro Isana.

Not bad for the main protagonist. He’s 17 years old kid who is really confused after seeing a video that was published around Japan (whoever watch the first episode, you know what I mean. I don’t want to explain much~ ) . He is wanted by the Homura clan, lead by Mikoto Suoh. He is always companied by Neko and along with  Kuroh.

Neko in cats form!

Two of my favourite characters from the story. The top one is Izumo Kusanagi and HE LOOK ALMOST LIKE SHIZOU!! Oh yeah, some of the character is the same seiyuu from Durarara!! Yata Misaki is my first favourite! Badass kid eventually I like his skateboard better! Commander from the Homura group.

Here we have is the King of the Red clan, Homura. around 24 and not bad for a leader like him. Not like the SCEPTER 4? Yeah, I don’t like those 4-eyes group. 

Anna is soo adorable for a lolita girl in the Homura group!! SHE SOO CUTE!

Don’t like this group much . . .The clothes are neat and cool but .  .I just don’t like the lightning clan. THE FIRE IS WICKED THAN THIS SCEPTERTHINGY!


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