The tired me and all the boring stuff I wanna post!

Hey ya guys! How ya day? Mine doing great with the grand opening feast and all! XD 

So a friend of mine ask me, if  I have any new anime show I am watching recently. Well, Im can only watch two at the time but I’ll list down for the upcoming anime I will watch. I am recently watching Hyouka and Naruto Shippuden! Oh yeah, Black Rock Shooter: The Anime was really awesome but was kind of short the story. If only they turn Tales of Xillia into an anime . . . . WOOOOAAAHHHH!! That would be some wickedly COOL!!! *screammmssss!*

Once again, Kuromichi drew this illustration from TOX2.

If only I knew a bit of Japanese . . .But the drawing is still cute and adorable! She ( I think ) uses watercolor. Yes, I know, I already told ya guys that. One more thing I wanna post is this:

Found this on Tumblr. Pewdiepie dancing the ‘Oppa Gangnam style’. LOL!

That’s all for today! Got school tomorrow!

( Poor Kano!! )


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