Mann VS Machine

HI! See the link to the TF2 Trailer. Mann VS Machine will be staring TOMORROW! 15th August 2012! Its an epic event that will be happening in TF2 game and IF ya haven’t play it yet, PLAY IT! Its really awesome and fun! Things changes around where the Red team and Blu team teams up to battle this maniac robots that was carried by a HUGE tank. This is a co-op games around 5-6 playes but Im pretty sure its 5??? If I am wrong, Im very sorry.

There’s 3 places it’ll invade with a wave coming towards ya, so get ready be prepared and hope for the best ya guys! Need more detail, go to the main page or search on their wiki~ GANBATTE and GOOD LUCK GAMERS!!! Will wait for the new updates from it.


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