The best day at my former school!!

Hi peeps~ Yesterday I went with my mum to my former school! The great event is held there! School sports day! ( Which I didnt get most of the pics ). Gomen. I promise I’ll work harder to get an AMAZING photo someday!

Teacher are cooking . . .XD

My best friend, Lin. She participate in the event running . .  . and she is EATING MY WAFFLE!

Some bunch of boys want to order some noodle cup~ 


The waffle stands! Can’t get the picture in front. Crowded . . .

I see that the boys are doing the cooking… Where’s the girl? Hmm . . .  If one of them love cooking that would be great if they can make me a delicious crepe~~

It’s hot and everyone is busy! Lin wanna try out the waffle~

Resting at the back of the waffle stall~  They’re really killing themselves with noodles…. Where’s my noodle?!

So after everything is settle and all the points has collected from each houses, everyone gather out at this sizzling field of DOOM! It’s around 11 and the sun already above our head.

Like me, I’m just a former student and I’m just standing there taking their pictures far away from them~ There’s only 4 color house as you can see. Not many students in this school.

As you can see : a friend of mine told me to take their picture. Sorry if it’s small to see~ The one in front of the red house. Making a peace sign. The tab dont have any zoom though . . . Darn. XD

There’s more picture but I only upload a few. So i’ll post that on my next update! CHOW!


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