Huzzah! My mid-term exam is almost over!!!

And the worst part is I just caught a cold! Now both of my nose is seriously BLOCKED!! The stuffy, runny nose! The splitting headache!!

( Hold on Jake! We’re suffering together now! )

That reminds me about Adventure Time! I like the new episode which is already out like . . . .I dont know! I like the other episode : The GENDER BENDER! Fiona and Cake on a ADVENTURE! Just gonna post some pictures for it!

( The top : Finn, Jake, Prince Gumball, Marshall Lee and Flame Prince )

( The bottom : Fiona, Cake, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline and Flame Princess )

Marshall Lee and Prince Gumball )

( The Flame Prince! )

( Fiona and Cake VS The Ice Queen )

A many thanks to the creator who drew this Gender Bender adventure character… I think is Natasha Allegri! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! MUAAH! I just wanna Hug yah!

Thats all!


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