Hello everybody! My mid-term exam is almost over until I can do whatever shit I want! Sorry for the rough language there but I feel relly GREAT!!! Except for a sore throat I have right now and an aching back! The PAIN!

So, I did a study group at my friends house and we revise on additional math. Before I study that ‘monster’ I played Left 4 Dead 2 – The Dead Center! Was freaking awesome and I’m still getting use to it! Later, after everything was settle I guess, I FORCE my best friend to play Left 4 Dead 2 with me and she was forced to play because of me. We played the Dark Carnival!

First, she started like ‘oh yeah! I can do this’ and she move to proceed. I was distracting myself with the math and when she encountered the first zombie she was screaming LIKE HELL!! RIGHT AT MY RIGHT EAR!!!!

I told her just shoot and run like your surviving it but she ended up getting herself scared and I need to aid her. But she getting a bit use to it, without her screaming on my ears for like the 7th times! XD

Im too lazy to write cause I cant feel my armpit now! XD LOL!!



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