What Time Is It?!

What time is it? ADVENTURE TIME!

Today is TEACHER’S DAY! Where all the teachers is celebrating their hard-work for teaching us mindless students! Thank you for all and I love you! MUAAH! I would like to say I miss my mentor, teacher Harlina, who has been really awesome since she left Malaysia to Australia for 3 years. Thank you!

Yea . . . For the past like almost a week, I’m in the middle of my exam and I hopefully would wanted a good grade. That’s all I want! A GOOD MERDA GRADE! My place is a mess with the books ruling over my desk and the floor! It’s driving me nuts ( By the way, I’m a clean and tidy person so I can’t stand the mess ) . Skipping Teacher’s Day at my school today, I got time at home studying for science~

I found Hyouka character~ It look pretty neat!

And I found Blue exorcist! This one is my favourite in the entire show:

Oh LOL! U perverted old man! 

Tata for now! I’m gonna wait for Minx to upload Singularity this morning~ In her UK time . . . She’s already night and like 8 hours late. . . .OH WELL!! BYE!


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