It’s a special day for you!

I was pissing off why I cant type my password on wordpress and had to make a new one! DAMMIT CUNT!

OK!! Today is my mother’s birthday! Wish her a happy birthday and thank you for all this years you have help me to grow stronger~~

Yesterday I wanted to post something, a webcomic from a drawer named Tessa Stone. I love her comic which is called :

HANNA IS NOT A BOY’S NAME~ It’s pretty cool than the other comic I have recently been reading but I give it 9/10! She didn’t uploaded since 2011 and I was kinda disappointed. Hope she’s fine and not sick or anything. I love Hanna ( Hanna Falk Cross )! At first I thought he’s just a kid who’s around 14 or 15 but when he said he’s 24  . . . .  I was shocked and laugh my butt off.

Just posting 2 of her artworks:

Here’s the link to her website :

Other website :

Give her support please!! TO CONTINUE THE STORY!


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