Good morning~~

Heya! Sorry for not posting like yesterday! Lately, I’m tired and all with my mid-terms exam coming up so I’ll be not on for like 2 weeks or something. If I had a few time, I’ll try posting it, ok?

Two days ago, one of my classmate was try to prank a friend of mine by pulling his chair so he could fall. But things didn’t go well as she expected. He felled down and we all laugh at him ( which was funny ).

I just realize that he bang his head at the corner of the school desk. Yes, he wept a bit and the result making her feeling guilty and she look so tensed. Thats what you get for taking the prank too far, missy.

( Tumblr! )

( I found this really cute! )

( one of the introduction of BW2 )

And a lil of random pictures~

( sorry for the small image )


That’s all for now! BYE!!


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