Yeah, That’s Right! Who’s the girl~!

( Found this while i was tumbling )

I have been watching Minx and her friends playing Left 4 Dead II and it was really hilarious and I love their co-operation. Yeah, Im gonna go check the doctor if I really have this TIBI infection but sadly it look like the shot is showing the effect on my arm. Darn. I got my X-ray and it look like some nasty thing under my lung. Hope I could recover before my sister recover first! HAhaha!

( Cute panda poking into another panda’s face )

Recently, I have been trying to customize the new blog Im gonna do, where I can post a Beautiful view around my places in my real life! Please give me your support!

( Please, dont dress me up as your panda )

I would like to say a happy birthday to a certain classmate of mine tomorrow. Which I’ll be skipping school and wishes a great day for her ( getting old ). XDD



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