I’m Alive and kicking!

( Tada! The magnificence KumoChan has return from the hospital! )

Yoohoo! Minna-san! Thanks for reading all of my blog post ( lame blog post ). I would love to give you a hug but I cant. Too bad for us…

Got back from the hospital to get my shot. The main problem is my brother, who freak out and made my parents in rage. I was standing there like I didnt know them and to see my parents try to ‘persuade’ him to get his shot. The patient around there also helped out but the others….Their face doesn’t look too good seeing the scene.

Seeing my parents in rage )


Since is the lovely month of April, I will post my favourite anime series ( new this month ) called Tsuritama.

( The dude with the blond hair thinks hes an alien! )


( I’ll try to upload its Opening! )


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