Sunday… When time fly REALLY fast!

When time fly really fast on Sunday, cause it want to go to school on Monday! Hate school, not that I really hate it but I hate it! XD

Searching along Tumblr and Twitter to get more info for what I’m gonna write on this freaking awesome WordPress and I found a few pictures, not sure if the GIF is working but TADA!

( Here is the male protagonist )

( The female protagonist – Like her hair though! )

( The rival is not that bad – hoping for more rival in this game . . . )

( This dude name is Professor Akuroma, what is mystery is about his swirling hair… XD )

( The mighty Kyurem! I wonder what will happen to Reshiram  and Zekrom )

The protagonist will be living in a fancy place ( which you are from a rich family ). In your home town, there will be a trainer school, a pokemon center ( thats awesome) and a cool view to see.



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