Its Terror Terror! Everybody love Terrors!



Nothing much happen at school. Just got burned and fried under the sun, my teachers is torturing us with the word call ‘Homework’ which is not in my dictionary! My classmates are like usual. Boys are boys and girls are girls~  Except for the person who sat at the back of me. WHICH IS terribly annoying me. Much terrible than my former school! XD

Here I am, sitting in front of the computer, watching Minx playing Cryostatis, playing pokemon, and all other stuff on top of my tab~~  Ah, yes! About the new game thats gonna come out soon!

 This lovely *pfft-!* sorry about that. This is the new gym leader thats gonna come out on Pokemon Black and White 2. The girl name is Homika and she’s a poison-type and beside her is Shizui….. I guess. He’s a water type ( same as Cress ).

 I wonder what will happen to the first Pokemon Black and White character…. Oh well~~ SEE YA!!


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