My Test is coming UP!!!

It has been like almost 2 months at my new school and MY TEST IS NEAR AROUND THE CORNER!!! I HATE TEST!!! Anyway, I haven’t use the computer like 2 days and didn’t upload any new post soo. . .  Gomen Kudasai~

I want to post this awesome illustrator who made a PV for vocaloid and he’s really COOL~!! His surname is Glider ( or in Japanese pronounce it : Guraida ). Here’s his little artwork :

Here is the list of his PV work:

  1. Byakkoya no Musume (PV)”(ED of “Paprika”)(Mar.04.2008) (Bucchigiri-P)
  2. “Kokoro (PV)”(Mar.16.2008) (Toraboruta-P)
  3. “Gemini (PV)”(Mar.29.2008) (DixieFlatline)
  4. “Kokoro/Kiseki (PV)”(Apr.15.2008) (Zyun-P)
  5. “HAKOBAKO PLAYER (PV)”(Jul.25.2008) with subtitles (Agoaniki-P)
  6. “Makuragi (PV)”(Nov.16.2008) with subtitles (Captain Mirai)
  7. “Gekokujou (PV)”(Dec.27.2008) with Subtitles (Ichigyou-P)
  8. “Jiyuu Kimama no B-kyuu Jinsei (PV)”(Nov.29.2009) (Fight-P)
  9. “Tora-doshi de Tora-Rin/Len wo Kaitemita” (Speed Paint) (Dec.27.2009)
  10. “Maigo Life (PV)(short)”(Feb.12.2010) (Nishizawa-P)
  11. “Maigo Life (PV)(Full)”(Apr.13.2010) (Nishizawa-P)
  12. “Remote-Control (PV)” (Feb. 15. 2011) (Wonderful☆Opportunity)
  13. “Epilogue of Prologue (PV)” (Jul. 24. 2011) (geru)
  14. “CULTURE Liberalization Ward” (Dec. 27. 2011) (Wonderful☆Opportunitywith subtitles )

Next Up is FAIRY TAIL!!

( Though I try hard to find his blog : Hiro Mashima )

Maybe Next time~~


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