Etude House Disaster Plan!

Hehehehehehehe!! Got back from Alamanda!! I was strolling around with my lil bro and found Etude House. So, I asked the Clerk who worked there and asked if there any set of Bee Happy set. Sadly, it sold out and the only thing I bought is the lip balm ( just 3 ) , the honey bee hand cream and a free BB cream!

( SHINee Diary )

( I got a free MUG! )

Anyway, Im turning to a ‘real woman’ ( which is awkward for me ). Hopefully I understand the meaning of the product…. XDD



2 thoughts on “Etude House Disaster Plan!

  1. WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! so jealouseu >___< was the diary free or…? asdfghjkl everything is super adorable!!! especially the bees xDDD I. HAVE. TO. BUY. THEM. someday ;~;

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