Kumo VS Thursday!

It’s almost 7 o’clock in the morning and already some damn boys started to smoke in the bus!! Imagine a year in this hell of a bus : I’m pretty sure I’ll die before the end of the year. Yesterday, I was too busy searching 2012 Diary on the internet and I found SHINee 2012 Diary! XD

I can buy at Etude House ( which I never heard of it ) and the nearest place I can go buy this thing is at The Mines or Alamanda Shopping Mall…. Alamanda….. The weird part is I never seen Etude House around Alamanda. Maybe I’m BLIND and just pass the shop without noticing it. Maybe next week I’ll check the place out myself.


 What I need is:

 RM 100+

 An Adult to drive to my DESTINATION!!!

Science, one of my favorite subject until the government translated the English into Melayu… I have no interest in science since its in Melayu. Not only science but for Math and Add Math!! NOOOO!!! Now I’m sleepy with the teacher talking a lot and the atmosphere in the lab sooo….DULL! This evening I have Archery Club meeting but I’m too lazy to go. At the same time, I’m really tired! DON’T WANNA GO!


( Look at this cute animal turning into delicious FWWOODD!! )

I nee more money since this school is being stingy and stuff! All my back-up money is decreasing really fast because of the school supply! RIP OFF!!

Part time job at Smart Reader! Could get a few allowance if I have a job. I can only work during the weekend or the school holiday. Maybe RM300 per month or something. All I gotta do is teach some kid how to read and pronounce word properly! HAPPY~~!!

This week Artist or Cartoonist is. . . .

Asada Hiroyuki! Famous for his Tegami Bachi ( Letter Bee ) artwork!

For more his work : http://www.asadahiroyuki.com/


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