My Test is coming UP!!!

It has been like almost 2 months at my new school and MY TEST IS NEAR AROUND THE CORNER!!! I HATE TEST!!! Anyway, I haven’t use the computer like 2 days and didn’t upload any new post soo. . .  Gomen Kudasai~ I want to post this awesome illustrator who made a PV for vocaloid […]

Etude House Disaster Plan!

Hehehehehehehe!! Got back from Alamanda!! I was strolling around with my lil bro and found Etude House. So, I asked the Clerk who worked there and asked if there any set of Bee Happy set. Sadly, it sold out and the only thing I bought is the lip balm ( just 3 ) , the […]

Kumo VS Thursday!

It’s almost 7 o’clock in the morning and already some damn boys started to smoke in the bus!! Imagine a year in this hell of a bus : I’m pretty sure I’ll die before the end of the year. Yesterday, I was too busy searching 2012 Diary on the internet and I found SHINee 2012 […]

Hello Baby . . . . .

Recently I have finished watching SHINee Hello Baby and I was like “oh, that’s it?” Then my friend said that MBLAQ turn THIS year 2012. . . and they are looking after a half Canadian, Lauren, half French, Leo and  half Vietnamese, Dayoung. ( If I have any info wrong please comment ).   – Kinda felt sorry […]