AHAHAHAHA!!! Today has got to be one of my ‘best-est day in my entire life’… My class is one of the dirtiest classroom in the WHOLE SCHOOL!! The teacher called us to go out in front and put away all of the chair. . . 


_________________________________________ >.< _____________________________________________


The school I’m attending is TOTALLY different from my former school. The environment there is HOT!! ( Besides, the school was placed at the hill, so I can’t complain to the school ? ) I made a few friends there and the teacher there is strict .. . . . Don’t know how to say it but you guys get the picture, right??


________________________________________0.O _________________________________________________


Today artist is Jun Mochizuki!! 

Here is a few piece of her artwork:


Want to see more of her work :  http://3choume.blog78.fc2.com/blog-date-201201.html


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