Lost update!


Yes. TWO NEW VIDEO FROM JIN and I haven’t been updating since then. 

First of all is the new song that was released yesterday and that is Ayano’s Theory of Happiness. What I love in this PV is that it revealed a lot of her past and we get to know that she knows Kido, Kano and Seto.


GIF ( Kido, Kano and Seto )


This PV has a lot of feels around and it’s really touching. My best part of the PV was this one:



Ene, Konoha and Shintaro


Best scene of all.

The other video was the Lost Time Memory. A PV about regretting on something.

I’ll post that one on another day.

The waiting is ON!


I miss you guys soo much! Been busy preparing for this year BIG EXAM! But let’s put that aside first.  Ever since I have been playing those games, it’s turning into an animation that will come out this April 2013. DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 ANIMATION! It’s going to be freaking awesome!! My Tumblr is just filled with Kano Shuuya’s song : The Yobanashi Decieve and The Devil Survivor 2 Animation.

DeSu 2 Artbook

Here’s an artbook of the Devil Survivor 2


The protagonist’s childhood friend: Daichi

Fumi Kanno


Airi Ban

Airi Ban

Jungo torii

Jungo! He’s a chief and he’s 19!?

He is MINE! Look at his face! X3

He is MINE! Look at his face! X3

Hehehe~ Yuzuru Akie or Joe! Mine~



A dude I just hate in the game

And here we are the Devil Survivor 2 Animation character’s sheet:

Joe_characters_sheet Daichi_characters_sheet jungo_characters_sheet Airi_characters_sheet Fumi_characters_sheet tumblr_mi603ztcGI1qbxqfpo1_1280 tumblr_mi438170SB1s1j7xio5_1280

SUZUHITO YASUDA NEVER FAILED MEEHH! Love the animation Durarara!!! and hopefully this one will be greater than it.

So much sparkle and cuteness!

Morning minna-san! As my daily update for today, I found one of the talented person I seen so far! Found her picture on Tumblr and . . . . man. . . I rated her work for 10/10! Good job Namie! I really  love your drawing and I do love Pokemon as well! Giving her a little credit by visiting her link that I post below me:

















tumblr_mgeiioaPVu1qdjcg5o6_250 tumblr_mem7sjd07F1qdjcg5o2_r1_250 tumblr_mem7sjd07F1qdjcg5o3_r1_250 tumblr_mem7sjd07F1qdjcg5o4_r2_250 tumblr_mem7sjd07F1qdjcg5o5_r2_250

Old ( Not soo old but a busy guy )



Morning everyone! I’m just updating a quick post for today. Recently, I missed Glider’s artwork. Here’s a little GIF that he made! He’s a busy guy but kept update his twitpic once in awhile.

Glider sites:




(Fc2 Blog)





Epilogue for PrologueCULTURE_LiberationAwesome GUMI

Gumi looking AWESOME!

trick or treat?


I use on of his picture as my header. Even though I have posted about him last year ( It’s a very old post ) but I just want everyone to know that he have a special skill in his drawing. He’s kinda like my idol.

Bookmark Of Demise Project! UPDATE

I dont own this. Just edit the . . .thing.

I dont own this. Just edit the . . .thing.

 Hey guys! I have been missing for a long time and decided to update. What makes me want to update its because of the new song I just receive from a friend of mine. You know what it is? It’s COMMON HEROES from BOOKMARK OF DEMISE PROJECT!

Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4

The song goes according in order:

1. Hide and Seek of Isolation

Hide and seek of isolation

 ( Episode 1)

2. Warning of Impostors

Warning of Imposter

( Episode 2 )

3. Perfect Crime Love Letter

Perfect Crime Love Letter

( Episode 3 )

4. Aimless Imitation Chair Stealing Game

Aimless Imitation Chair Stealing Game

( Episode 4 )

5. Common Heroes

Common Heroes

( Episode *** )

I really like the Common Heroes PV since the movie and animation is made by Wannyanpu! I got to say the song is pretty catchy with Miku, Gumi, Rin and Mayu sing along~

4 VOCALOID singers represent this 4 character in the song, telling their stories? XD

warning of imposter perfect crime love letter Aimless Imitation Chair Stealing Game Hide and seek of Isolation

The girl from the 4th PV is the doppelganger from the second PV

The above GIF is the 4th songs who is the doppelganger of the girl in the second songs.

I watched the trailer of this PV and there was a dude with a mask? ( Guessing it might be a fox? )

Q__________Q NOO!


Just watched K epsiode 6 and I was like . .. . . .. .. . .WHY?!! Totsuka was like an awesome person who keep the member of HOMRA TOGETHER!! Need to watch it again. 

I notice at the end of the episode where ( I think Totsuka sings it ) I NOTICE THIS GUY!FUSHIMI BACK IN THE DAYS?! SINCE WHEN DID HE LEFT?! 

Yeah, surprisingly this show is gotta to be one of my best month to watch and it’ll end at the end of November for my prediction. It’s a short anime but THEY MAKE IT SOO GOOD! THANK YOU GoRA and GoHand! Im still kinda sad Totsuka DIED! Q____Q

Mikoto ( eight years ago )



look at them! They’re like a happy family. I wonder how those SCEPTER 4 is like . . . .ergghhhhh~